Walleye is a stubborn fish that need a lot of precise tempting to catch. It is very famous amongst wintry weather anglers. Fishing tips for walleye are something in excessive demand. Ice fishing for walleye has many strategies and tactics. If you are catching none, this means that you are doing something wrong, and I know how it feels when you go home empty-handed, as it will ruin all your day. Here are some beneficial tips and techniques to assist you in discovering beautiful fish like walleye or trout.

Ice Fishing For Walleye – Tips & Tricks
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The Best Places To Go Ice Fishing For Walleye In 2024:

Use charts and fishing maps to locate areas for ice fishing. Choose extremely deep locations that are very close to shallow areas, such as near-shore areas and mid-lake humps, because they are typically found in depths of 15-25 ft. Grab those areas that transition from various depths. Target the area of transition.

Ice Fishing For Walleye – Tips & Tricks
Ice fishers on Lake Peipus. Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Drill Multiple Ice Fishing Holes:

If you are unable to catch walleyes, don’t Give UP. The reason why anglers can’t find these fish is that they do their work with laziness. However, Ice fishing is an activity that it should accomplish with patience and energy.

Go early and find the locations that we have told you about in the previous tip. After finding a spot, drill several holes along different depths. Drill 10-15 holes in each location, We recommend you drill holes in a zigzag pattern, neither in a straight line nor too close to them.

Drill 5 holes along the deeper area, 5 holes along the shallow area, and 5 holes along the transition area. Jig your ice fishing rod for 10 minutes in each hole until you find a fish. You can do ice fishing for walleye in many ways, but it is the most effective.

Drill Multiple Ice Fishing Holes
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Ice Fishing For Walleye At Night:

They feed more actively and are very active in low light conditions compared to the day. Try to fish during the few hours of dusk and dawn.

I know it’s a bit difficult to fish in the dark on ice, so why not take electronic help? Different fish finders available on the market can make your task easy.

Use The Best Bait (Lure) For Walleyes:

Choosing the best bait is very important. As I mentioned before, walleyes are stubborn fish, so it is not easy to catch them until you have something that can attract their attention. To attract walleye attention in light conditions, always use proper lures.

Your lure representation has to be more aggressive. Your lures ought to be bright and produce a lot of vibration because they assist walleye in locating your lure.

In winter, much vibration and movement are necessary to attract their attention. Natural baits like minnows would no longer be as superb as you think. The best lure choice would be a jigging lure with swim action. After that, the next best choice is rattle spoons, which produce a lot of vibration.

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What is the best time for ice fishing for walleye?

Walleye fishing is a year-round activity and one of the most enjoyable activities for any angler. Although Walleyes can be caught at any time if you want great results then you should go at low light conditions. Some anglers refer to these as the golden hour. This is the first hour before sunrise and the last hour before sunset.

What color attracts walleye?

Always choose lures that are bright, vibrant, and emerging-colored on sunny days to get the walleye’s attention. While in low light or cloudy conditions always stick with darker colors like black, purple, or white colored baits.


There are multiple walleyes tips, and every angler has individual sentiments. However, not all information and advice can be applied and rehearsed, and they will not perform the same in all waters. You can use these tips given above in any water with little adjustments on the spot. Get to know the local waters and try to alter your approach using the methods expressed here. You will be surprised how a good lure or bait indication can change the outcome. Chasing these fish on ice is as addictive as it looks. They’re delightful to catch and make an incredible meal.

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