Muck Arctic sport boot is our best pick

Muck Arctic Sport Boot

Kamik Nationplus is the best budget boot.

Kamik Nationplus Boot

5 Best Ice Fishing Boots In 2023 (With Buying Guide)

During Ice Fishing, all ice anglers need those ice fishing boots that are waterproof, preserve your feet warm and have a proper grip because fishing on ice is no longer easy. These boots make a character do their work with heart and soul.

With so many options, discovering the best ice fishing boots in 2023 is hard. We went on an outing to check these boots. We examined several boots and came up with first-rate ones. Out of all the merchandise, we tried, luckily, we found several boots that fulfilled all of our requirements. These boots are given below.

Comparison Table


Muck Arctic Sport Boot

MUCK Men’s Arctic Sport Boot

  • Features: 100% waterproof, 2mm thermal foam underlay added to the instep area for additional warmth, EVA molded midsole with contoured footbed
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Snow Monster boot


  • Features: 100% leather/Textile, synthetic sole material, shaft height approximately 11 inches
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Kamik Nationplus Cold Weather Boot

KAMIK Nationplus Cold Weather Boot

  • Features: Made with 100% leather, seam-sealed waterproof, Thinsulate insulation removable liner
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Kamik Greenbay Cold Weather Boot

KAMIK Greenbay Cold Weather Boot

  • Features: Made in Canada with imported materials, comfortable down to -40°C, very friendly, made with lightweight rubberHe
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Muck Arctic Ice Mid Snow Boot

MUCK Arctic Ice Mid Snow Boot

  • Features: 5 mm neoprene provides comfort and flexibility, soft fleece lining enhances comfort, provides superior warmth

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5 Best Ice Fishing Boots

The boots given beneath are researched and tested. So, you don’t have to go somewhere around losing your time and money.

1. MUCK Men’s Arctic Sport Boot – Best Overall

Muck Arctic Sport boot is made for extraordinarily cold weather. These are one of our pinnacle-endorsed the best ice fishing boots. When we wore these boots, we felt very blissful because there was a cosy fleece lining, and their sole devices were brilliant, nice, and thick. Fleece lining is very soft, long-lasting, and presents exquisite warmth in the worst environment. These boots are completely waterproof. We used to be curious when we saw a 5mm neoprene on the top of the boots, which makes the boots extra cosy and flexible, along with waterproofing, shock absorption, and warmness retention properties. Whether your feet are long or brief, they can, without problems, be adjusted. Though Many boots do now not get on and off easily, these boots come with a pull tab which helps you get on and off, barring wasting your time and energy.
Muck arctic boot is best for ice fishing.
If you are a character who likes to do ice fishing like us and wants to catch more beautiful fish like trout or walleye comfortably. Then these boots are appropriate for you because they have a remedy varying from -40 °F to 40 °F (-40°C to 4°C). Due to their absurd warmth, you cannot put on these boots for more than an hour. However, in cold weather, these boots are worth it. It has the best possible shaft and measures 17.6″ from sole to top. One best function is that it can roll down to a mid-height, providing more breathability. EVA padded footbed (and extra thermal padding) makes the boot more engaging because it stores our toes cushioned and blissful even in some extremely worst conditions.
Muck Arctic Sport boot is very warm and comfortable during ice fishing.
The Arctic Sport boots do not make you feel irritated or uncomfortable after walking for hours because they are very mild in weight, around two to 2.5 lbs. per boot. As you know, in ice fishing, protection is very important. These boots have excellent Traction, all thanks to their grippy rubber outsoles. No matter where you locate yourself, whether running, trying to skid in mud, or on foot on snow, you will no longer experience insecurity.
Muck arctic sport boot has the best traction because of its rubber outsoles.
In the end, all we think is that this boot is perfect for ice fishing, according to our experience. We will let all our buddies know about Muck Arctic Sport as they are the best ice fishing boots. These boots elevate a price tag between $100 to $200. We would say that they are worth the fee for the heat and safety that they offer.
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Very comfortable
  • Durable 
  • Extremely waterproof
  • Grippy
  • Too warm for most uses

2. Snow Monster – Best For Extreme Cold

The Snow Monster boot from Baffin is geared up for polar expeditions to the ice fishing hut. As the identity suggests, these boots are like a monster on ice because they are very cozy in extraordinarily harsh prerequisites around -70C/-94F. These boots are super for snowboarding and in every condition. These are the hottest out of all the best ice fishing boots we have tested. Impressive!
Snow Monster preview
The first thing from Snow Monster that surprises us is weight, as it appears so heavy, chunky, and huge but is very lightweight, about 1.93 kg per pair. Not awful for a boot rated to -70C. The development is attractive. One thing we like the most is that they are constructed with absolutely insulated leather and nylon. It has a removable liner, and multi-layer internal boot gadget providing a waffle-comb footbed. Waterproof seam-sealed upper with snow collar, meaning it is noticeably water-resistant. We had been ice fishing at -10F with bloodless winds strolling down at Lule River in Sweden, and we were very happy to have these boots. We have used exceptional pack and hunting boots; however, we can inform you that they are a lot warmer, more durable, and flexible.
Snow Monster boot performs really good on ice.
The Snow Monster aspects lace-up, meaning it can easily be adjusted whether your feet are long or short. It has notable Traction, all thanks to its grippy rubber outsoles. In hot weather, you would make a mistake by wearing these boots because they will make your feet sweaty in solely one minute. These boots have ice paw diagram pads on the sole to make them more secure. So protection won’t be a problem. It has a detachable insole. The insole is very thick and brilliant.
Ice paw diagram pads make this boot very secure.
Snow monster boot is very comfortable even after walking for hours.
At remaining, these ice fishing boots are best on ice, according to our experience. Once you wear these shoes on ice, you will not favor taking them off. My buddies love ice fishing and are going on a day out to Ammassalik Greenland however, they are upset because they do now not have those boots which make them at ease and allow them to do their work with full energy. So, I will advocate these boots as these boots are perfect.
  • Made of very good quality
  • Long lasting
  • lightweight 
  • comfortable
  • Have great Traction
  • Not much stylish

3. Kamik Nationplus Boot – Budget Pick

The Kamik Nationplus is a fashionable PAC style boot. Approximately ten inches from arch to top, these boots would be our best choice for ice fishing. These boots are warm; although they use very little insulation, around 200 grams of Thinsulate insulation is used. This boot provides a thin metal lining sewn into the bottom of the boot liner, which helps block warmness transfer from our feet to the background. This durable boot helped us a lot throughout our trip because it is very blissful down to -40F and user-friendly as well.
Kamik nationplus boot is very comfortable on ice.
Kamik Nationplus is very flexible.
At this price, Kamik Nationplus boots have the entirety you ought to seem to be for; they are warm, durable, and flexible. They are made with brilliant water-resistant leather-based cloth that provides long-lasting usage. These boots come with a lace-up closure which helps supply an invulnerable and snug-fitting. This boot features a piece of moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet dry and sweat-free. Waterproof suede upper and gusset tongues, molded foot and sole, and water-resistant artificial rubber shells ensure they are noticeably water-resistant, seam-sealed waterproof.
Kamik nationplus comes with a lace-up feature.
Kamik Nationplus is very convenient to put on and off because the large opening and a gusseted tongue make it effortless to slide afoot. At 3.6 lbs. per pair and a height of about 11.5 inches, the Nationplus is notably lighter and more agile than different Pac boots competitors. If we discuss Traction, the outsole of these boots is made with rubber, making it very secure. No matter on which floor you discover yourself, whether you are walking on snow or trying to skid in mud, you won’t slip.
Rubber outsole makes it more secure.
At last, these boots are ideal for ice fishing and are very life-like too. These boots elevate a price tag between $50 to $100. At this price, these boots have the entirety you are searching for.
  • Gusseted tongue makes it easy to put on and off
  • User friendly
  • Construction is waterproof
  • Affordable
  • Grippy Rubber outsole makes it very secure
  • Not for people with wide feet

4. Kamik Greenbay Cold Boot – Best For Comfort

Honestly, Greenbay from Kamik is ideal for ice fishing, according to our experience. If you are an ice fishing boots lover, you must no longer ignore these boots. These are outstanding PAC-style boots and are cheap too. They can rapidly get on and off. These boots are made for extremely worst conditions. These boots sense as warm and stylish as they look. We accept these boots are perfect on snow because they are comfortable down to -40C tiers and friendly.
Kamik Greenbay is very warm.
Kamik Greenbay is made with a durable rubber sole, making them extra secure. They suit perfectly, and they are so warm. The drawstring opening will ensure your toes stay dry when it is snowing. We like wider and lengthy ice fishing boots. Greenbay fulfills all of our requirements. Its peak is about 30cm to 36cm and is very open-free during ice fishing. It is made in the USA with domestic and imported materials. Its weight is about 1860 g per pair. 600 denier nylon highly ensures that they are exceedingly water-resistant.
Kamik Greenbay is made with rubber sole making it very secure.
The Kamik Greenbay boots have ideal Traction on slippery ice and different surfaces, making your experience very secure. It has an 8mm Thermal defend removable liner, adjustable midfoot hook, and loop strap. Insulation is one of the biggest elements when considering wintry weather boots. We are joyful to say that these boots excel in this department. The insole is tender and very comfortable. These boots are assured to keep your toes warm. The Kamik Greenbay comes with an adjustable snow collar. You can tighten or loosen the snow collar any time you want, which helps to prevent any snow or ice from slipping into the boots. It is very bendy in any condition.
Kamik Greenbay has great insulation.
Ultimately, we prefer to say that these ice fishing boots are beyond our expectations and have the entirety that makes them perfect for ice fishing. We will not propose these boots for hiking with a loose and roomy fit. These boots carry a charge tag between $100 to $200. However, we think they are well worth the rate for the safety and warmth.
  • Very comfortable
  • Available in different colors
  • Stylish 
  • Adjustable snow collar
  • Lightweight
  • Not for Hiking

5. MUCK Arctic Ice Mid Snow Boot – Best For Women

The Arctic Mid snow is a remarkable boot on ice and will maintain your feet dry, cozy, and warm in temperatures like -40F/-40C. So if you are a character who likes to do ice fishing, then this would be a fabulous option. It is effortless to put on and off and is flexible too. It is one of our top advocated boots for females. These slip-on wintry weather boots feature 5mm neoprene insulation with a fleece lining attached to the rubber outer shell with glue, creating a water-resistant shaft. The outsole aspects a Vibram Arctic grip which makes it more secure. The rubber-coated decrease part of the boot is utterly waterproof.
Muck Arctic mid-snow boot has great traction.
The insole is very soft and thick. We have been wearing this boot for two years, and we can inform you that it is very flexible and durable. The circumference of the shaft measures approximately 16 inches, and its height is about 17.56 inches from sole to top. The Arctic Mid Snow boot is slip-on, which means it has no laces. The calf shaft is stretchy to permit the foot to slide in easily. They feel a lot cozier with thick socks.
Right here we were, reviewing the neoprene-lined boots on Switzerland’s second-largest glacier. The title Aletsch glacier, a great vicinity, is masking some 31.5 sq mi (81.7 sq km). Therefore, we were once looking at checking out these boots not solely in work mode but additionally in our enjoyment time. We got a gorgeous experience from these boots. These boots are beyond our expectations. They have a correct grip, are tremendously water-resistant, and have shock-absorbent properties. They have the second-best ice traction of any boot we have tested.
Muck Arctic ice mid-snow boot is great on ice.
Buy this boot if you are concerned about slipping on ice or favoring your toes to be heated in the coldest of colds. This boot has a charge tag between $100 to $250. However, we believe they are well worth the fee for their warmth and security.
  • Extremely Durable
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Feel a lot cozier with thick socks 
  • Extremely waterproof
  • Excellent Traction
  • Limited colors

Buying Guide

There are several things that you should look for in ice fishing boots. It is very important to recognize which boots are good for you. We understand your confusion. Therefore, we offer you the ultimate buying guide to help determine what you need to consider about ice fishing boots.

Sitting out on the ice with cold feet is horrible. These boot features can protect you against this horrible experience and ensure that your feet remain warm and dry, even if you spend hours on the ice.


Insulation is one of the most substantial elements for wintry weather boots. There is no proper or wrong insulation quantity because it depends on the fishing place. If the environment is colder, you want more insulation to preserve your feet warm. The more insulation your boots have, the warmer you will be. Proper insulation of your toes will permit you to pass freely, which would also help preserve the relaxation of the body warmer. This insulation science will now not allow bloodless particles to come interior the boots. Therefore, it has direct outcomes on your comfort.


Traction is one of the essential features we constantly see before shopping for any ice fishing boots. As you know, ice is the slipperiest and hardest surface, so if you don’t have the right Traction, you are dealing with many issues by walking on the ice. It can motivate harm, and it can also cause you to fall through the ice. Only one mistake can be a life-threatening error. If you get the boots with excellent outsoles, they will dig deep into the ice, giving you the self-assurance that you won’t slip. Always remember safety comes first.


One extra thing that you should look for is waterproofing your boots. No matter how warm they are, if they are not waterproof, then they are useless because when ice fishing, there is a strong chance that you will get into contact with water. You can easily become uncomfortable if your boot is not properly sealed. We usually wear water-resistant boots as they keep our feet dry and make us very comfortable. All the ice fishing boots we examined are thoroughly water-resistant.


Last but not least is to test the durability of the boots. We know these boots are expensive, but they are worth it. Who would not desire to purchase a product that will last you a long time? Check out products with gorgeous and long-lasting properties. The substances ought to be heavy-duty. Ensure that you pay attention to the building of the boots so you can know how durable the boot is.

Which kind of product is the best overall?

These are perfect boots, and any of them can give you the best experience. Our favorite is Muck Arctic Sport Boot, which has everything you should look for. It is very comfortable, flexible, highly water-resistant, and has great Traction because of its grippy rubber outsoles. If you want to know more about this boot, check out their review by clicking the button down below!
If your budget is not enough, no worries. You can go with Kamik Nationplus Cold Weather Boots. They are constructed from water-resistant leather based cloth and are very lightweight. Their insole is very thick and smooth, and they have superb Traction on ice. They are true on ice and have many extra elements in this charge range.

Why Trust Us?

Finding the best boots for ice fishing is not a cup of tea because so many wintry weather boots can make you curious. With our personal experience and research combined, we must share the best ones. So you can enjoy your day of ice fishing. It took us around 50 days to check several types of gear as we had to go to special places.


Ice is one of the slipperiest things in the world. However, some of these boots have fantastic Traction on ice, but you should think more about your safety. We recommend wearing ice cleats as they extend your boot’s grip more when walking on ice.

It would be best if you had something that would dig deep whenever you step on the ice. Boots with non-slip rubber soles are really good on ice and can prevent you from slippering. Though, new shoes are more slippery because of their new smooth soles. We advise you to use traction spray and add a salt and rubber glue mixture to your soles.


We are at the end of our review, and all we want to say, purchase the high-quality boots that are appropriate for you. Put your protection above the whole lot else. We hope our article has helped you discover the exceptional ice fishing boots that will make your next day memorable.