If you are going on a journey to the water and are new to fishing, or if you bought a new rod and are looking to buy a fishing reel in 2024 first time, then you should know the importance of a fishing reel. Some anglers call fishing reels the backbone of any fishing setup. As an angler, I know that having the right reel helps a lot in catching fish because it lets you control your fishing line, ultimately making it easy to do your work.

Choosing the right reel for fishing is very challenging because various types of fishing reels can make you curious, but it is not as difficult as you think. In this article, we will help you to know about the best fishing reels, and you will be able to choose the best reels for fishing within a few minutes which will make your trip wonderful.

The Best Fishing Reel

How To Choose A Fishing Reel In 2024:

First, choose a fishing reel according to the fish you are targeting, then consider your lure or bait and think about what type of lure you are going to cast. If you are going with small lures, then a spinning reel is the best option for you. On the other hand, for heavier lures, consider using baitcaster reels.

The Best Fishing Reel

Types Of Fishing Reels:

You will find some different types of fishing reels on the market. The most popular reel you will find today is the spinning reel, but in my opinion, there are three types of reels that you should consider for fishing.

  • Spincast Reels
  • Spinning Reels
  • Baitcast Reels

Spincast Reels:

Spincast is one of the simplest types of reels for fishing. This reel helps me a lot in catching trout fish. Along with their basic design, they are really easy to use as compared to other designs. Some inexperienced anglers consider using it because they are very affordable on a budget compared to other reels. However, you will not see them a lot these days, but a few decades ago, they were a perfect option and were used a lot.

Spincast Reel

Features: They contain a feature known as a metal nose cone, burying all the essential components of the reel. There is a button on the backside of the reel, which helps to adjust the line between a free spool and a locked one. One more feature of the spin caster reels is that they have a drag adjustment mechanism, allowing you to accommodate the resistance a fish feels while pulling on the line.

Casting: Casting with a spin caster reel is relatively easy. You just need to press the spool control button, then grab your swing and release the button. After releasing the button, the line will go out to the point toward the tip of your rod. If you are ready and want to stop the line,  just press the button once again.

Pros & Cons: Everything has its advantages and disadvantages; similarly, spin caster reels also have a few pros and cons. The main advantage of spin caster reels is that they are very simple to use, which makes them more unique as compared to others. Second, they are really cheap; you can get them for around $25 to $30. If we talk about the cons, the main disadvantage is that they have a limited casting range and are not as authentic as other types of reels.

Spinning Reels:

Spinning reels are one of the most popular reels in the world due to the fact that they are very versatile among other reels. Many new anglers love using them because they are very durable and easy to use. Many experienced anglers do not like to fish without using it. One beautiful thing is that they are set up underneath the fishing rod, which means there is less chance of getting tangled in the fishing line.

Spinning Reel

Features: Spinning reels feature an open-face design with adjustable drag on top. They come with a metal bail that helps lock the line and prevent it from unspooling. The bail is also essential because it takes the line back to the spool. Another thing that makes it unique is that it is attached below the rod, which gives you a suitable holding position and a nice balance when casting.

Casting: They are very easy to cast. All you need to do is just disengage the bail and to prevent the line from unspooling, just squeeze it against the rod with your finger. Then, swing your rod from the above once you do it, release your finger around halfway. Make an aim of the rod tip on the place you want your bait to land.

Pros & Cons: The main advantages of spinning reels are that they do their work equally well with lures or smaller baits, powerful braided lines, and can give some pulling power, but as soon as you start loading spinners with heavy lures then, their performance will start to drop saliently.

Baitcaster Reels:

Baitcasting reels are also very commonly used by anglers and are really similar to conventional reels. Out of all the reels, they are the most advanced and cannot be matched in both power and precision. They are constructed specially for baitcasting rods. Although it is not as easy to use because of the backlash, once you become a master of using it, you can take your fishing to another level.

Baitcaster Reel

Features: Baitcasting reels are attached to the top of the rod handle, featuring a semi-enclosed design. It has two more components allowing extra performance. These are the spool tension knob and braking system. However, both are used to adjust how rapidly the line moves out of the reel. Baitcasters are also accessible in round or low-profile designs. Low-profile styles allow the angler to palm the reel, and for superior sensitivity, it allows you to place your finger on the line during fishing.

Casting: Baitcasting reels are very different from spinning reel because it does not contain a bail. You just have to press against the spool with your thumb. It can be done if you want to do it because the line is in the mid place, allowing for a more accurate cast. As soon as the bait hits the right area, you just have to press a clip which will lock the line.

Pros & Cons: Baitcaster can handle big lines and can give a lot of pulling power. They are my first choice when I want to target larger fish. The second thing which makes them more reliable is that they are highly customizable. On the other hand, one annoying thing is that you have to adjust the settings whenever you change your lure. One more big difference you will see in the price, bait caster reels are the most expensive reels in the market.

BONUS: If you don’t know how to spool a Baitcasting Reel then click here.

Saltwater VS Freshwater Reels:

It is also one of the most vital parts to consider before buying any type of fishing reel. You should know that all saltwater reels can work fine for use in freshwater, but the use of saltwater will spoil all freshwater reels.

The reel made for freshwater use and the reel made for saltwater is very different. If the mechanism of the reel is not completely sealed against saltwater intrusions, then the reel will get rusted and become useless. Spincast usually uses in freshwater, while spinning and baitcaster reels can be used in saltwater.


are closed or open reels better?

Each reel is good on its own and can do your work. It depends on the fisherman’s technique or mindset and the type of fish he targets. For small fish, closed-face reels are perfect because they usually have low healing power. You can easily pull small fish out of the water, but you cannot be able to pull a big fish easily. Whereas, open face reels are the most versatile and can pull a big fish out of the water easily.

how much does a good reel cost?

A new fishing reel will cost around $50 to $100 for a high quality one. If you don’t have enough budget, then you should try to find a used fishing reel but remember, cheap things never last long.


We have reached the end of our article. Thanks for reading it I hope that your confusion will be cleared, and now, you can choose fishing reels easily for any type of water. My favorite fishing reel is the spinning reel because I have used it many times, and it always makes me satisfied.

A baitcasting reel is also a good option because If you are targeting larger fish, then you should choose it. Don’t have enough budget, no worries! You can choose spincast reels.

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