When it comes to fishing, many newbie anglers have queries about which type of rod is best for them before selecting a new fishing rod. There are two main types of fishing rods- Spinning and casting. Both are very popular among anglers and have their own strengths and weaknesses. Many anglers say that casting rods are more difficult to use than spinning rods. That is why it’s important to know their key differences before making a purchase.

In this blog post, we will examine the key differences between Spinning vs casting rod in 2024, and we will also cover their pros and cons to help you decide which type of rod is best for your needs. Having an understanding of these two rods will help you to avoid mix-ups of rods and reels.

What is a Spinning Rod?

A spinning rod is a special type of fishing pole designed to use with a spinning reel. The reel is discovered at the bottom of the rod. You can find it in many sizes, whether you want a light action or a medium action. The line guide is also located at the bottom, along with the reel. You can catch fish by casting your line out and reeling it in. The spine of the spinning rod, which is located on top of the pole, is stiffer and helps to handle the pole better when a big fish turns it. The spinning rod does not get tangled easily, making it easy for beginners.

Advantages of Using Spinning Rods:

  • The best thing about spinning rods is that they are user-friendly for a beginner.
  • They avoid line tangles and are fast to reel fish.
  • Extremely versatile, it can be used for any type of fishing.

What is a Casting Rod?

To understand casting rods, you just have to remember that it is the opposite of a spinning rod. A casting rod is a kind of fishing pole created to use with casting reels, just like spinning rods.

The reels are located at the top of the rod handle along with the line guide. It is also known as baitcasters and low-profile reels. Casting rods come in different lengths and weights and are designed for various types of fishing. They are typically made from fiberglass, aluminium, or graphite and have a telescoping action that enables the user to extend or retract the rod tip.

Casting Rod

Advantages of Using Casting Rods:

  • Casting rods allow higher casting accuracy and greater casting distance.
  • Performs extremely well with bigger lures.
  • Great for larger fish.

Difference between Spinning vs casting rod:

Spinning rods have fantastic guides, and their spacing is also far apart. Due to the line coming out of the spool, spinning rods need larger guides. They don’t require so many guides as casting reels because the line on the spinning reel is pulled below the rod when you are fishing. On the other hand, casting rods have smaller line guides along the rod length as compared to spinning rods, and their spacing is also small.

There is a big difference in the number of line guides between both of them. The spinning rods have less number of line guides than casting rods.

The line guides of a spinning reel are attached at the bottom of the pole. In comparison, the casting rod is the opposite, as its line guide is attached at the top of the pole, but in both cases, the line guide is on the same side of the pole as the reel seat.

They both are good on their own and can do your work easily. Still, spinning rods have less performance as compared to casting rods because many experienced anglers use casting rods for serious fishing, while spinning rods are often used by new anglers who are not serious about fishing.

Well, the line twist of a spinning reel is not safe. That’s why spinning rods are not appropriate for heavy activities. Whereas, casting rods are ideal for heavy activities because they have strong line twists.

The spine runs along the empty space against the line guide on the spinning pole. On the other hand, the spine runs on the same side of the line guide on the casting pole.

Comparison Table:


can i use a spinning reel on the casting rod?

One word Yes, but let me elaborate. You can use a spinning reel on a casting rod smoothly, and it can be good for light fishing. Every fishing rod is ideal for its respective type of fishing reel, but if you still want to do that, then you must know the several downsides. (1). The casting distance will be reduced. (2). Your rod will probably get damaged. (3). You will reduce the strength of your rod. So, don’t take a risk.

are spinning rods good for beginners?

Spinning rods are the most popular type of fishing rod and are ideal for beginners because they are extremely easy to use, they do not get a line twist, let long cast with light lures, are very comfortable, and are relatively affordable.


We are here at the end of our in-depth information on the differences between Spinning vs casting rods. We hope that you like our article and that your confusion is now cleared, and now you can differentiate between Spinning and casting rods within a minute.

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